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Helu Asmar Imports is a labor of love, a passion. We import products from the Middle East and other parts of the globe to help those in need to be able to empower themselves through their crafts and pay them a fair wage. We also sell items from the states too. We are happy to bring these products to you at a fair cost for you and the manufacturer. Helu Asmar Imports is owned and operated by husband, wife and a fantastic team under Creek Manufacturing LLC.

anthony and tiffany creek

Pictured Above: Anthony and Tiffany Creek


Behind the Name of the Website

Anthony is the Grandson of John Helu Asmar and Angie Asmar (maternal) which the company is name after. John is the son of Thanos Asmar which immigrated from Jezzine, Lebanon to flee the persecution and to escape the grip of the Ottoman Empire. Thanos fled and landed in Mexico then later settled in Fowler, California where his children raised their families. The Prieto, Asmar, Montoya and Rodriquez families of Fowler are all a part of this branch along with the Prieto Families in Gilroy, California.